Secretaría Uvigo


TipoConvocatorias de I+D+i
Organismo convocanteUniversidade de Vigo
Data inicio solicitudes07/10/2021
Data fin solicitudes20/10/2021

The University of Vigo offers 1 Postdoctoral position within the H2020 project “JUST2CE: A JUST TRANSITION TO THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY” financed through the funds corresponding to H2020-SC5-2020-2-101003491.
The successful candidate will join the Post-growth Innovation Lab at the University of Vigo.
JUST2CE aims at understanding, in a critical and thoughtful way, under which conditions a responsible, inclusive and socially just transition to a circular economy is possible and desirable, what technical, geopolitical and social factors can enable or hamper such transformation and how these aspects can contribute to the development of transitional policy measures. The project will identify enablers and barriers to CE in a number of key strategic sectors – selected among those indicated by the EU Action Plan for Circular Economy - such as food production and waste, water management, critical raw materials and production in complex global supply chains. The results of this analysis will be used to develop a decision support system and macroeconomics analytical tools to design new or improve existing CE practices.

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