"Hybrid printed electronics on tridimensional objects"

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23-01-2018 ata: 21-01-2018


23 January 2018, High Tech Campus Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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Claudia Delgado Simao, Fundació Eurecat, will talk about "Hybrid printed electronics on tridimensional objects":

Hybrid printed electronics technology has shown the potential to combine compact high-performance circuits over all type of materials, from rigid metals to lightweight materials, composites polymers, and textile or elastic substrates. Has been attracting major attention with the dawn of Internet of Things, as an enabler to embed autonomous active circuits on portable objects with privacy labels, luminesce elements, biocompatible energy storage with printed batteries on papers, photovoltaic devices, optoelectronic, sensing devices, and NFC communication tags. Our recent work focus two main approaches for preparing 3D printed electronics: printing via ultrasonic microspraycoating and thermoforming printed circuits on foils. 

Other speakers and topics:

  • Florens Wasserfall, University of Hamburg, on “Design Toolchain and Slicing Process for the Integration of Electronics into FDM Printed Objects”, More information
  • Gabrielle Aspar, LETI, CEA Grenoble, on “Packaging of electronic devices using 3D printing technology”, More information
  • Dr. Martin Hedges, Neotech AMT GmbH, More information
  • Senake Atureliya, Buzz Technology Limited, on “Creating the Uber of Consumer Electronic Product Manufacturing”, More information
  • Yu Liu, Jiangnan University, on “Dimensional Control and Process Assembly for 3D Electronics at Industrial Scale”, More information
  • Giacomo Parisi, SABIC, on ‘in mould electronics’

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