Guia docente 2022_23
Escuela de Ingeniería Industrial
Grado en Ingeniería Biomédica
  Technical English II

Other comments
We recommend students to have some knowledge of English. This course will start from an A2 level and it will reach B1 level, according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages of the Council of Europe. Requisites: To register in this subject, it is necessary to have passed or to be registered for all the subjects of the lower courses. We also recommend continuous assessment due to the methodology used to practise and consolidate the contents of the subject. Therefore, the active participation of students is essential to pass the Technical English subject. It is advisable to check and compare this subject's timetable with the School's lectures timetables so as to avoid incompatibilities. Students will not be allowed to choose continuous assessment if there is an overlap with other subjects. In order to avoid damaging the room's computer equipment, students will not be allowed to take drinks or food into the classroom. If the ingestion of liquids or food is due to medical reasons, students must show an official medical prescription. Sending of emails or the using of mobile phones during the lessons means that the students will be expelled. The student who does not comply with the information in the previous paragraph will not only be expelled, but s/he will also lose the opportunity to sit for continuous assessment. In case of discrepancy, the Spanish version of this teaching guide will prevail.
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