Educational guide 2015_16
Escola de Enxeñaría Industrial
Máster Universitario en Enxeñaría Industrial
  Instalacións e Innovación Industrial
  Description Qualification Training and Learning Results
Case studies / analysis of situations Exhibition in English by part of student of the project realised. 70 A2
Practical tests, real task execution and / or simulated. The projects selected will be able to opt to a second phase of realisation in which it will have of additional material to carry out a practical implementation of everything or some part of the project presented. 30
Other comments on the Evaluation

- In the 2ª announcement of the same course the student will have to examine of the no surpassed parts in the 1ª announcement.
- Will have to surpass the first part (oral Exhibition) to approve the matter.
- Ethical commitment: it expects that the present student a suitable ethical behaviour. In case to detect a no ethical behaviour (copy, plagiarism, utilisation of unauthorised electronic devices, and others), will consider that the student does not gather the necessary requirements to surpass the matter. In this case the global qualification in the present academic course will be of suspense (0.0). - It will not allow the utilisation of any electronic device during the proofs of evaluation except permission expresses. The fact to enter an unauthorised electronic device in the classroom of examination will be considered reason for not passing the subject in the present academic course and the global qualification will be of suspense (0.0).

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