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Front End Developer / Software Engineer


TipoOfertas de emprego
Data de inicio da publicación05/10/2021
Data de fin da publicación01/12/2021
Entidade XestoraPOPSY
Posto de traballoFront End Developer / Software Engineer
FunciónsThe world is changing and the way people trades second hand items is changing with it. Popsy builds the next generation of online classifieds market with a fully integrated experience with an innovative mobile application / website, fast delivery and payments. You can help us realize this goal. We believe that by equipping people with the best tools to sell any item they don’t use anymore (300,000 on average in any household!), we can recycle millions of items and make our world a better place.

The best way to understand Popsy is to play with the product and go to

Primary Responsibilities
● You will work with the team to build new product features focusing on the website such as a more polished delivery experience for all our customers worldwide
● You will develop scalable architecture and website that do work
Nivel de estudos requeridoRecén titulados/as
Estudos da UVigo requeridos
  • Grao / Enx. Informática
  • Enx. Téc. de Informática de Xestión
CoñecementosMore information about the job offer:
Competencias Imprescindible
  • Inglés nivel B2
Número de vacantes1
Tipo de contratoC. en prácticas
Lugar de traballoFull remote
Data de incorporaciónIncorporación inmediata
Documentación a presentarCurriculum Vitae
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