Guia docente 2023_24
Facultad de Historia
Grado en Geografía e Historia
  Universal ancient history
Topic Sub-topic
Subject 1. Introductory aspects

1.1 Definition and limits of Ancient History
1.2 Concepts and problems
1.3 Territories and their chronological limits
1.1 Definición e límites da Historia Antiga
1.2. Conceptos e problemática
1.3. Os territorios e os seus límites cronolóxicos
Subject 2. The different forms of the State in the respective territories. Evolutions and limits

2.1. Egypt: One-man power and the unification of the territory. The main reasons for the crises
2.2. Greece: From the Bronze Age to the Iron Age. From the monarchy the system of poleis or independent city-states
2.1. Exipto: O poder unipersonal e a unificacion do territorio. As principais razóns das crises
2.2. Grecia: Da Idade do Bronce á do Ferro. Da monarquía ao sistema das poleis ou cidades-estado independentes
Subject 3. Introduction: Society and Religion

3.1 Generic aspects of Egyptian society in ancient times.
3.2 Generic aspects of Greek society in ancient times.
3.3.Generic aspects of the religion of Egypt in Antiquity.
3.4..Generic aspects of the religion of Greece in Antiquity
3.1 Aspectos xenéricos sociedade de Exipto na Antigüidade.
3.2 Aspectos xenéricos sociedade de Grecia na Antigüidade.
3.3. Aspectos xenéricos da relixión de Exipto na Antigüidade.
3.4. Aspectos xenéricos da relixión de Grecia na Antigüidade.
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