Guia docente 2022_23
Escuela de Ingeniería Industrial
Grado en Ingeniería en Tecnologías Industriales
  Computer science: Computing for engineering
Topic Sub-topic
Concepts and basic technicians of programming applied to the engineering Paradigms of programming
Programming structured
Programming languages
Python features
Foundations of Python Types of variables
data and operators
Functions and standard Modules.
Import and use of modules.
Input-Output and control of errors
Structures of control Decision if-else
Iterative: while
Boolean algebra
Sequences and iterative Working with sequences: lists, tuples and string
Types of data mutable and no mutable
Concepts of reference and value
Indexes of the sequences
Cycle for- in
Operators and sequences
Functions and methods of sequences
Lists and List of lists Operators and methods
Characteristics of the lists
Working with lists
Indexes and iterate lists
Functions and own Modules Definition and creation of functions
Types of parameters and return values
Concepts of value and reference in the parameters
Scope of the variables
Creation and invocation of modules
Persistence Files, definitions and characteristics
Basic operations with the files
Graphic interface Creation of windows and widgets
Manipulation of graphic elements
Utilisation of variable control
Basic concepts of Computing Computer Architecture
Components: hardware, software
Operating systems
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