Guia docente 2020_21
Facultad de Historia
Máster Universitario en Valoración, xestión e protección do patrimonio cultural
  2D and 3D Cartographic Documentation Techniques for Cultural Heritage
Code Description
CB1 Possess and understand knowledge that provides a basis or opportunity to be original in the development and / or application of ideas, often in a research context.
CG2 Acquire the necessary knowledge to handle the different tools of graphic, dimensional and geospatial documentation to be applied in the documentation and valuation of Cultural Heritage.
CE5 Master and be able to apply instruments and procedures of various cartographic techniques to the real cultural heritage for its dimensional control and the elaboration of graphic documentation using CAD tools.
CE6 Analyze, refine and interpret geographic information, as well as its storage in databases, based on technical requirements for the inventory and documentation of an intervention project.
CT4 To be able to integrate the diverse information and data contributed by diverse technicians and tools in the writing of conclusions of action.
CT5 Be able to predict and control the evolution of complex situations through the development of new and innovative work methodologies adapted to the specific scientific / research, technological or professional field, in general multidisciplinary, in which their activity is developed.
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