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  Analytical Chemistry II: Optical Methods of Analysis
Topic Sub-topic
SUBJECT 1. Introduction to instrumental analytical methods. Classification of the instrumental analytical methods. Quality parameters of an instrumental method: Validation. Methods of calibration in instrumental analysis: external calibration, standard addition and internal standard. Characteristics of the calibration curves. Fitting and statistical parameters of calibration lines.
SUBJECT 2. Optical methods of analysis: generalities. Electromagnetic spectrum. Phenomena of interaction between the electromagnetic radiation and the matter. Classification of the optical methods of analysis. Instrumental components and representative configurations of the different instruments. Signals and noise.
SUBJECT 3. UV-vis molecular absorption spectroscopy Fundamentals of the UV-vis molecular absorption spectroscopy. Basic concepts. Lambert-Beer Law. Deviations of the Lambert-Beer law. Absorbent species. Types of instruments. Analytical methodology and applications.
SUBJECT 4. Luminescent techniques. Fundamentals. Mechanisms of molecular deactivation. Fluorescence and Phosphorescence. Factors influencing the luminescence. Quenching of the fluorescence. Chemiluminescence and Bioluminescence. Instrumentation. Analytical methodology and applications.
SUBJECT 5. Infrared and Raman spectroscopy. Fundamentals. Modes of molecular vibration. Infrared spectrum and molecular structure. Raman spectroscopy. Origin of the Raman spectra. Instrumentation. Methodology. Applications in qualitative, quantitative and structural analysis.
SUBJECT 6. Atomic absorption spectroscopy. Fundamentals. Origin of atomic spectra. Flame atomizer. Atomization processes in flames. Graphite furnace atomizer. Thermal programs. Interferences. Instrumentation. Background correctors. Methods of vapor generation. Analytical methodology and applications. Atomic fluorescence spectrometry.
SUBJECT 7. Atomic emission spectroscopy and atomic mass spectrometry. Fundamentals of atomic emission spectroscopy. Excitation sources and temperature effect. Flame emission spectrometry (flame photometry). Arc and spark emission spectrometry. Inductively-coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry. Plasma source mass spectrometry. Comparative analytical characteristics of the main techniques for trace inorganic analysis.
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