Educational guide 2019_20
Escola de Enxeñería Industrial
Degree in Mechanical Engineering
  Materials and technologies in mechanical manufacturing
Code Description
CG4 CG4 Ability to solve problems with initiative, decision making, creativity, critical thinking and the ability to communicate and transmit knowledge and skills in the field of industrial engineering in Mechanical specialty.
CG5 CG5 Knowledge to carry out measurements, calculations, assessments, appraisals, surveys, studies, reports, work plans and other similar works.
CG6 CG6 Capacity for handling specifications, regulations and mandatory standards.
CG7 CG7 Ability to analyze and assess the social and environmental impact of the technical solutions.
CG8 CG8 Ability to apply the principles and methods of quality.
CE25 CE25 Knowledge and skills for engineering materials.
CE26 CE26 Applied knowledge of systems and manufacturing processes, metrology and quality control.
CT5 CT5 Information Management.
CT7 CT7 Ability to organize and plan.
CT8 CT8 Decision making.
CT9 CT9 Apply knowledge.
CT10 CT10 Self learning and work.
CT14 CT14 Creativity.
CT17 CT17 Working as a team.
CT20 CT20 Ability to communicate with people not expert in the field.
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