Educational guide 2023_24
Escola de Enxeñaría de Minas e Enerxía


Regarding assessment procedures, as stated in the Regulations for Students of the University of Vigo, students have the right (Art. 3.10) "to be evaluated through continuous assessment, with the option of global assessment tests in all subjects and evaluation opportunities throughout the academic year."

The teaching guides provide information about the development of continuous assessment and global assessment tests, detailing how continuous assessment is conducted in the first and second opportunities. The guides also explain how global assessment is conducted if a student has opted out of continuous assessment.

Regarding opting out of continuous assessment, each subject establishes a deadline for requesting this option. The minimum deadline for opting out cannot be less than one month from the start of the subject.

If a student provides justification (documentary evidence and following the procedures established by the school) that they cannot attend a mandatory face-to-face activity due to one of the reasons stated in Article 15 of the Evaluation Regulations, the situation regarding the student's grades, teaching quality, and learning progress will be reviewed by the Standing Committee (Comisión Permanente), which will consider alternative solutions in coordination with the teaching team responsible for the subject.

If a student justifies that they cannot attend an evaluation test due to one of the reasons stated in Article 15 of the Evaluation Regulations, they have the right to take the evaluation test on another date determined by the faculty member responsible for the subject, aiming to reach a consensus with the student regarding the new date.

Any aspect or circumstance related to the content of the teaching guides or the development of assessment systems and tests that is not detailed in the guides or raises doubts of interpretation will be evaluated by the School's Standing Committee.

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