Educational guide 2023_24
Escola de Enxeñaría de Minas e Enerxía


At the School of Mining and Energy Engineering of the University of Vigo we offer comprehensive training (undergraduate and master's degree level) in the field of mining, materials and energy engineering. The training offer of the center for the 2023/24 academic year is as follows:

Degree in Energy Engineering

In the Bachelor's Degree in Energy Engineering, we train professionals who contribute to achieve one of the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda: ensuring universal access to energy services while mitigating the climate impacts of energy production and use.

To meet this need, we offer the Bachelor's Degree in Energy Engineering, the only undergraduate program in Galicia. We educate engineers capable of designing, optimizing, and technically managing the technological processes in the energy sector, ranging from energy generation to the end-user level of thermal or electrical energy (production, storage, transportation, distribution, markets). In the current context, two areas of training are particularly relevant: (i) renewable energy generation technologies (such as wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, tidal, solar, wave, biomass, and biofuels, among others) and (ii) technological processes associated with energy efficiency.

Degree in Mining and Energy Resources Engineering

The Bachelor's Degree in Mining and Energy Resources Engineering is a unique program in Galicia and has been declared as exceptional within the Galician University System. It also has another distinctive feature: it enables graduates to practice as regulated mining engineers.

A regulated profession is that requiring specific accredited training. For certain regulated professions, this training corresponds to a university degree. This is the case for the Bachelor's Degree in Mining and Energy Resources Engineering, which qualifies graduates to practice as regulated Mining Engineers in three areas of technology (Order CIN 306/2009):

  • Specialization in "Mining Operations": We educate engineers capable of designing and technically managing the processes that ensure the supply of mineral raw materials for the industry. This includes prospecting rocks and minerals, extraction, and preparation for material manufacturing.
  • Specialization in "Materials Engineering": We educate engineers capable of designing and technically managing the manufacturing processes of materials (metals, plastics, ceramics, composites, new materials), as well as technological processes related to recycling, repair, reuse, quality control, and valorization of materials and waste.
  • Specialization in "Energy Resources, Fuels, and Explosives": We educate engineers who have knowledge of and can characterize energy resources (such as wind, solar radiation, etc.) and are capable of designing and directing the technological processes in the energy sector, from energy generation to consumption. They also handle technological processes related to the use of fuels and explosives.

Master's Degree in Mining Engineering

Certain regulated professions require a higher level of education, and therefore, a master's degree is required to practice them. The Master's Degree in Mining Engineering qualifies graduates as Mining Engineers (Order CIN 310/2009). This program is also unique in Galicia and provides advanced and specialized training in the fields of mining engineering, materials, and energy.

Both bachelor's degrees offered at the institution have direct access to the Master's Degree in Mining Engineering.


Interuniversity Master's Degree in Sustainable Water Management

This interuniversity master's degree is part of the G2030 catalogue of new degrees in the Galician University System (SUG), identified as essential for the training of future professional profiles in Galician society.

Specifically, graduates of this master's degree will be able to pursue careers as technical personnel, managers, or experts in sustainable water management, addressing future challenges in the water sector (water conservation, seawater desalination, collection and storage of rainwater, groundwater decontamination, use of new water processing technologies, digitalization, etc.).

This degree is interuniversity in nature, with a collaboration agreement between the three public universities in Galicia: UDC, USC, and UVigo.

School of Mining and Energy Engineering. Our Identity

We form engineers

At the School of Mining and Energy Engineering of the University of Vigo, we educate engineers who are professionals capable of addressing specific problems in the industry and society providing that these technological solutions are sustainable. This translates into education that goes beyond technological processes and includes training in economics, business, environment, safety, and health.

In addition, the education of engineers requires us to be in constant contact with the industry to understand its needs and the latest technologies. For this reason, the School maintains a permanent collaboration with industrial and business sectors, which includes students' participation in internships and numerous visits to industrial facilities to gain firsthand knowledge of technological processes.


Our engineers will develop their professional activities in an international context. This is why we offer an Internationalization Plan that allows students to take up to 10 subjects, if desired, entirely in English. Furthermore, we actively work to facilitate student and faculty mobility abroad by establishing agreements with universities and research centers worldwide.


We want to emphasize our commitment to promoting equal values as a hallmark of our institution. We organize numerous activities with different objectives, including raising awareness about equality, promoting vocations in STEM disciplines, particularly in engineering, and providing mentorship and support to women in their professional activities, among others.

Scientific and Technological Outreach

A defining activity of the institution is our commitment to scientific and technological outreach. We work specifically with secondary schools (ESO) and high schools (Bachillerato), conducting conferences, workshops, award programs, competitions, and other activities aimed at showcasing our field of work and disseminating knowledge to society. Notably, we have the "Open Classroom for TechnoScience" initiative, which is a dedicated space for outreach activities.

Our University Community

The size of our institution encourages and facilitates interpersonal relationships among all members of the university community: students, faculty, and administrative staff. This is particularly relevant in the student-faculty relationship, which allows for personalized attention to students in the learning process. Our student body is especially dynamic and organizes numerous activities through student associations they participate in, such as the Student Delegation, Energy and Mining Sports Club, Technological Employment Forum, Uvigo Motorsport, CES Uvigo, and Uvigo SPACELAB. 

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