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Escola de Enxeñaría de Telecomunicación
Telecommunication Engineering
  Signal Conditioners
  Description Qualification Evaluated Competencess
Laboratory practises It values the participation of the student in the practices of laboratory: preparation of
previous tasks, fulfillment of the aims posed in each practice and back tasks in which the
student analyses the results, compares them with the expected and presents the
conclusions. They can apply to the tests of continuous or final assessment.
15 CG1
Tutored works The student, individually or in group, elaborates a document on the thematic of the matter or prepares seminars, investigations, memories, essays, summaries of reading, conferences, etc. 10 CG1
Reports / memories of practice Preparation of a document by part of the student in which they reflect the characteristics of the work carried out. The students have to describe the tasks and procedures developed, show the results obtained and observations realised, as well as the analysis and treatment of data. 15 CG1
Practical tests, real task execution and / or simulated. Tests that include activities of laboratory and/or TIC, problems or cases to resolve. The students have to give answer to the activity formulated by reflecting, in a practical way, the theoretical and practical knowledge that have been learnt in the subject, using, if it is necessary, the equipment or instrumentation of the practices carried out in the course. They can apply to the tests of continuous or final assessment. 20 CG1
Short answer tests Tests that include direct questions about an specific topic. The student has to answer of direct form in virtue of the knowledges that has on the subject. The answer is brief. They can apply to the tests of continuous evaluation or to the final examination. 20 CG1
Troubleshooting and / or exercises Proof in which the student has to solve a series of problems and/or exercises in a time/condition established/ace by the professor. Of this form, the student has to apply the knowledges that purchased.
The application of this technique can be face-to-face or not. You can use different tools to apply this technique as, for example, chat, run or forum, audio, video, etc.
20 CG1
Other comments on the Evaluation

Continuous evaluation

practical part (50% of the note) and the part of theory (50% of the note) are
evaluated by continuous assessment. Each one of these parts are evaluated following
the methodologies described before with his respective weights in the following

part: it is divided in the progress of the practices in the laboratory (15%),
the report of practices (15%) and a practical exam (20%).

of theory: it is divided in one exam with questions of short answer (20%), the supervised
work (10%) and the exam with resolution of problems (20%).

final mark, which is on a maximum of 10 points, is the sum of the notes of each
part, if the students fulfill the following conditions:

carried out a minimum of 80% of the laboratory practices.

a minimum mark of 40% in each one of the two parts of the evaluation (theory
and practice).

it does not fulfill some of the previous requirements, the final mark will be
the sum of the notes of each part, but limited to 40% of the maximum mark (4

pass, the students have to obtain an equal total mark or upper to the 50% of
the maximum mark (5 points).

practical test will take place in the last session of the laboratory classes.
The tests of resolution of problems and of short answer can be divided in two
sessions spread along the period of teaching.

reports of the supervised work and of the practices have to be delivered before
finalizing the period of final exams established for the term.

assessment is particular for each student and the practices of laboratory will be
done preferably by individual form. If it is the case, the marks of the
activities that the students do in groups will be the same for all the students
that compose it.

Final exam

students that do not opt by the continuous evaluation (have not carried out, at
least, 80% of the practices) or have obtained a total mark below 5 (suspense),
will be able to do to the final exam.

final exam will consist of a practical exam at the laboratory and in an exam of
theory with questions of short answer and resolution of problems, each one
corresponding to 50% of the total mark. To pass the student must obtain a
minimum of 40% in each part and sum in total, at least, 5 points.

Call for recovery

The call for recovery will be like the
final exam.

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