Guia docente 2016_17
Escola de Enxeñaría de Telecomunicación
Telecommunication Engineering
  Signal Conditioners
Topic Sub-topic
Unit 1: Introduction to the measuring systems of physical variables. Functional and working characteristics of sensors. Evaluation of measurement data. Sensor calibration. Measurement uncertainties. Parts of a conditioning circuit. Types of conditioners.
Unit 2: Introduction to the metrology. Evaluation of measurement uncertainty. Methodology to measure and to calibrate sensors. Terminology. Statistical method.
Unit 3. Circuits to conditioning signal from measured sensors. Active measuring bridges in direct and alternating current. Ac/dc converters. Selection and design of filtering stages. Frequency to voltage converters. Conditioners for output stages.
Unit 4: Interfaces between on-off sensors and digital processors. Basic concepts of local interfaces of on-off sensors. Interfaces with and without galvanic isolation.
Coupling in alternating and continuous current.
Unit 5: Conditioning circuits for inductive and magnetic measure sensors. Study of the conditioners for several inductive and magnetic sensors according to his application.
Unit 6: Conditioning circuits for capacitive measureing sensors. Study of the conditioners for capacitive sensors.
Unit 7: Conditioning circuits for generators sensors. Study of the conditioning circuits for generators sensors according to his physical working principle.
Unit 8: Practical cases of conditioning circuits for measuring sensors. Study of real cases with commercial sensors and circuits.
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