Guia docente 2020_21
Facultad de Filología y Traducción
Grado en Lenguas Extranjeras
  Morfosintaxis del primer idioma extranjero: Inglés
Tema Subtema
Unit 1. Introduction: Words, sentences and dictionaries Words as types or tokens. Words with predictable meanings. Non-words with unpredictable meanings. Words versus lexical items.
Unit 2. A word and its parts: roots, affixes and their shapes Bound versus free morphemes. Kinds of morpheme: root, affix, combining form. Morphemes and their allomorphs. Identifying morphemes and classifying word-parts.
Unit 3. A word and its forms: inflection Lexemes, word forms and grammatical words. Regular and irregular inflection. Forms of nouns, pronouns and determiners. Forms of verbs and adjectives.
Unit 4. A word and its relatives: derivation Relationships between lexemes. Word classes and conversion. Derivation of adverbs, nouns, adjectives and verbs (from nouns, adjectives, verbs and other word classes).
Unit 5. Compound words, blends and phrasal words Compounds vs. phrases. Compound verbs, adjectives and nouns. Headed and headless compounds. Blends and acronyms. Compounds containing bound combining forms. Phrasal words.
Unit 6. A word and its structure Meaning and structure. Affixes as heads. Multiple affixation. Compounds within compounds. Apparent mismatches between meaning and structure.
Unit 7. The historical sources of English word formation Germanic, Romance and Greek vocabulary. The rarity of borrowed inflection. Characteristics of Germanic and non-Germanic derivation. Fashions in morphology.
Unit 8. Syntactic structure: an introduction Syntactic structure: an introduction
Unit 9. Categories and phrases Lexical categories. Grammatical categories. Pronouns. Phrases in the sentence. Coordination of phrases and apposition. Finding phrases and building trees.
Unit 10. Functions in the sentence Subject and predicate. Complements. Verbs and functions. Light verbs. Functions of prepositions and particles. Adverbials. Prepositional verbs. Phrasal verbs. Phrasal prepositional verbs. Objects and adverbials.
Unit 11. The structure of the verb group in the VP Auxiliary verbs: modal, perfect, progressive, passive, dummy 'do'.
Unit 12. Finite and nonfinite clauses: Embedded and coordinated Sentences and clauses. The functions of clauses. The structure of the embedded clause: the Complementizer Phrase. Coordinate sentences: the Coordinator Phrase. The functions of nonfinites. Their structure: CP.
Unit 13. The structure of PP, AdjP, AdvP, and NP Complements versus modifiers. Inside the NP: relative and complement clauses. The structure of modifiers and complements.
Unit 14. Special sentences Questions/Interrogatives. Exclamations. Topicalization, passive, cleft and pseudo-cleft.
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