Guia docente 2019_20
Facultad de Filología y Traducción
Grao en Linguas Estranxeiras
  Pronunciation of the first foreign language: English

Subjects that continue the syllabus
Oral discourse in the first foreign language: English/V01G180V01901

Subjects that it is recommended to have taken before
Linguistics: Describing language/V01G180V01201
Other comments
To make the most of the lectures, students are advised to have done the mandatory readings before each session. This will allow them to understand better the contents that will be explained and to give them the chance to raise doubts or make relevant comments. In order to do the exercises or other practical activities, it is compulsory to have done the mandatory readings as well as to review the notes taken in the lecture sessions. In order to both follow the lectures and do the practical activities, students are advised to do the readings from supplementary bibliographical sources apart from the relevant readings from the textbook. All supplementary sources are available in the library. It is the student’s responsibility to regularly check the materials and updates on the Faitic platform and to be informed about assessment dates. Desirable previous competences: - Good knowledge of the English language (B2 level or above). - Use of the different resources offered by the library. - Basic skills in handling computer tools and the Internet. In order to achieve these competences, students are advised to attend special training sessions. Not only the relevance and quality of the responses will be considered for assessment but also linguistic correction. Total or partial copy or plagiarism of any type of activity or exam will be penalized with a zero on that activity or exam. Claiming ignorance of plagiarism will not exempt the student from liability. During classroom sessions students are not be allowed to use mobile devices (iPhone, tablet, PDA or similar) or computers, unless the teacher requests their use for pedagogical reasons. Students must observe copyright laws with regard to books as well as to original materials designed by the teacher and provided to students in class or via the Faitic platform. Exchange students interested in taking the course are advised to have an English language competence equivalent to at least a B2 level according the CEFR for languages. The study of suprasegmentals initiated in this course continues in the 4th-year course "Discurso oral do primeiro idioma estranxeiro: Inglés” (V01G180V01901) with the study of the intonation systems, among other contents.
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