Guia docente 2019_20
Facultad de Filología y Traducción
Grao en Linguas Estranxeiras
  Pronunciation of the first foreign language: English
Methodologies   ::  Teaching methodology guide
Introductory activities This session is aimed at getting in touch with students and obtaining information from them, as well as at introducing the course (aims, contents and assessment process).
Lecturing The theoretical content of the units outlined above will be presented in this type of session.
Laboratory practical Lab sessions are intended as training in English pronunciation (from the perspective of both auditory discrimination and oral production) and in phonological or broad transcription.
Problem solving These sessions will be devoted to practical phonology exercises and/or autonomous or small-group activities based on the theoretical contents previously introduced in lectures.
Seminars These tutorials will provide general guidance aimed at solving exercises/activities, revising concepts, solving doubts, explaining methodological issues, etc., that is, counselling on course activities and contents as well as on the learning process.
Autonomous practices through ICT Autonomous online practice consisting in exercise/problem-solving or other practical activities based on the theoretical contents.
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