Guia docente 2020_21
Facultade de Historia
Máster Universitario en Valoración, xestión e protección do patrimonio cultural
  Design of Exhibitions and Models for Exhibitions
  Description Qualification Evaluated Competencess
Case studies Analysis of a project expositivo proposed by the professor or preparation of any small proof or questionnaire through telematic means.
They will evaluate the following results of learning: the capacidade to analyse the elements and conditionings that take part in his design from the contidos entered in the theoretical sessions of the matter.
20 CB4
Mentored work Preparation of a project expositivo of thematic free.
They will evaluate the following results of learning: the acquisition of the capacity to design exhibitions of content patrimonial, atendiento to the conceptual point of view of the creation of messages and to the material point of view of the espazos. It will value also the adecuación to the criteria of planning museística explained in the sesións theoretical.
60 CB4
Systematic observation It will value the presencialidad and active participation of the students through the telematic means (and-meeting, forums). 20 CB4
Other comments on the Evaluation

<p> Each student, according to the valid rule, has
two announcements of evaluation. The first carries out during the cuatrimestre of teaching.
In the first place, along the weeks of teaching of the matter, by means of the
delivery of the activities of evaluation required. In case that the weeks of teaching
of the matter are not sufficient for the delivery of all the planned
works, will enable in the platform of teaching two additional weeks, at the end
of the cuatrimestre, to facilitate the said delivery, establishing in this case
a cronograma alternative of delivery of tasks. The second
evaluation makes in the month of July, for the which will enable again the access
to the educational platform.

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