Educational guide 2020_21
Facultade de Historia
Máster Universitario en Valoración, xestión e protección do patrimonio cultural
  Design of Exhibitions and Models for Exhibitions
Topic Sub-topic
1. INTRODUCTION: MUSEOLOGÍA And MUSEOGRAFÍA Basic criteria of planning in the museum
2. COMMISSARIATE OF EXHIBITIONS AS A RESEARCH AND CREATION TOOL. Curation of exhibitions as a research and creation tool
3. EXHIBITIONS MODELS. The museums are permanent institutions that purchase, conserve, investigate communicate and exhibit collections of objects of diverse nature with the purposes of study, education and contemplation.
The museum has changed until doing unrecognizable. The connection between art and life claimed by the historical avant-garde has occurred, but in shape of cultural industry and estetización commercial for the consumption.
4. THE CONTEMPORARY MUSEUM: ARCHITECTURE And SHOW. Of the changes experienced by the contemporary museum from the inauguration of the Centre Geroges Pompidou, in the year 1977, will arise a hybrid space that does not lose of sight the show. This no only is present in the programming or in the complementary activities of infinity of institutions, but in his own architecture, which constitutes in a lot of cases his main catchword.
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