Educational guide 2023_24
Facultade de Ciencias do Mar
Máster Universitario en Oceanografía
  Global Change and Marine Ecosystems
Topic Sub-topic
SUBJECT 1. Introduction and reflections to start with a course of global change.
SUBJECT 2. Global change versus climatic change. Natural environmental variability and antropogenic. The biology of the ocean under global change: answers to different levels of organisation. Multiple factors of stress. Adaptation and acclimation.
SUBJECT 3. Temperature and nutrients in the context of the global change. Metabolic theory of the ecology.
SUBJECT 4 Effect of the degradation of ozone layer and the increase of the UV radiation on the marine ecosystems. The ozone cycle. UVR penetration in the aquatic environment. Photodegradation and
photo inhibition. Direct and indirect effects of UV radiation on marine organisms.
SUBJECT 5. Impact of the global change on the oxygen cycle in the oceans: expansion of the suboxic and anoxic zones.
SUBJECT 6. Impact of the global change on the carbon cycle in the oceans: storage of antropogenic carbon and acidification. Effect of CO2 increase on marine organisms and ecosystem
SUBJECT 7. Impact of the global change on the nitrogen and phosphorus cycles: antropogenic fertilisation by atmospheric and continental drivers.
SUBJECT 8. Impacts of the global change in the structure and operation of the planktonic communities. Distribution and abundance of functional key groups. Changes in the structure of the communities and in food webs.
Interdecadal trends in primary production.
SUBJECT 9. Fisheries overexploitation. The magnitude of fishing. Effect of fishing on populations and ecosystem. Overexploitation: types, causes and solutions. Overexploitation and the future of fishing.
SUBJECT 10. Impact of global change on coastal ecosystems. Effects on benthic communities.
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