Educational guide 2022_23
Facultade de Ciencias Económicas e Empresariais
Máster Universitario en Economía

Type CB Code Basic Competences
  CB1 Possess and comprise knowledges that aporten a base or opportunity to be original in the development and/or aplicación of ideas, often in a context of investigación
  CB2 That the students know to apply the knowledges purchased and his capacity of resolución of problems in new surroundings or little known inside contexts más wide (or multidisciplinares) related with his área of study
  CB3 That the students are able to integrate knowledges and enfrentarse to the complexity to formulate trials from an información that, being incomplete or limited, include reflections on the social responsibilities and éticas vinculadas to the aplicación of his knowledges and trials.
  CB4 Students know how to communicate their findings, knowledge and latest reasons underpinning them public specialised and non-specialised in a way clear and unambiguous
  CB5 That the students possess the skills of learning that allow them continue studying of a way that habrá to be to a large extent autodirigido or autónomo.
Type CG Code General Competences
  CG1 Apply the knowledges of economíto to the identificación, previsión and solución of the problems económicos generally, and in particular the relative to the level of especialización, in new surroundings or little known
  CG2 Capacity to conceive, diseñar and put in práctica a substantial process of investigación in the field of the economíto generally, and in particular in his áreas of especialización, with rigour académico
  CG3 Capacity to realize an análisis crítico, evaluación and síntesis of new and complex ideas
  CG4 Capacity for fomentar in contexts académicos and professional, the advance tecnológico, social and cultural inside a society based in the knowledge
  CG5 Capacity for criticism and the intellectual defense of the proposed solutions
  CG6 Work so much in team and of way autónoma in an international context or multidisciplinar
  CG7 Capacity to present and defend with rigour, clarity and precisión new ideas so much in the usual surroundings of work and in meetings científicas national or international
  CG8 Capacity to understand and explain data económicos and to work with them by means of the técnicas más current
Type CE Code Specific Competences
  CE1 Knowledge of the tools matemáticas, areísticas and econométricas necessary to handle with rigour the models económicos
  CE2 Rigorous knowledge of the models micro and macroeconómicos and his aplicación precise to concrete situations
  CE3 Handle of the técnicas econométricas current
  CE4 Capacity for modelar situations económicas concrete and obtain results with data numérich applying the técnicas econométricas pertinent
  CE5 Capacity to defend arguments económicos with clarity and precisión so much in the usual surroundings of work, as in meetings científicas national and international
  CE6 Consider a project of research in economy with sufficient precision and rigor
  CE7 Identify the elements that enter ineficiencias in the asignación of resources by part of agents, institutions and systems económicos
  CE8 Analyze and propose changes to the design of organizations and systems of incentives to improve the operation of the same
  CE9 Elaborate reports económicos coyunturales and studies orientados to analyse and predecir the behaviour of short term of the economíto and his effects on sectors and markets específicos
  CE10 Take part in groups of work interdisciplinarios tied to the study of the trends partner-económicas of long term
  CE11 Analyze the role of public institutions in the economy through the market regulation and the implementation of policies that affect business
  CE12 Analyse the advantages and the inconvenientes of the regulación and of the políticas económicas and propose alternative
  CE13 To discern the scope and limitations of the conclusions and judgments arising from the employment of economic theories and models
Type CT Code Transversal Competences
  CT1 Capacity to comprise the meaning and aplicación of the perspective of género in the distinct ámbitos of knowledge and in the práctica professional with the aim to achieve a society más fair and igualitaria
  CT2 Capacity to communicate oralmente and by writing in tongue gallega
  CT3 Sustainability and environmental commitment. Equitable, responsible and efficient use of resources
  CT4 Capacity for interaccionar and defend with rigour, clarity and precisión in front of another specialist, works, proposals, new ideas, etc.
  CT5 Comunicación Oral and written
  CT6 Capacity of gestión of the información
  CT7 Capacity to communicate oralmente and by writing in English tongue
  CT8 Ability to work in an international context
  CT9 Destrezas To research
  CT10 Capacity of análisis and síntesis
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