Guia docente 2021_22
Facultade de Filoloxía e Tradución
Grado en Lenguas Extranjeras
  First foreign language VII: English

Subjects that it is recommended to have taken before
First foreign language V: English/V01G180V01302
First foreign language VI: English/V01G180V01403
Other comments
1. In a course dealing with language, active attendance to the face-to-face sessions constitutes a key element in the acquisition of a good level on the part of the students. 2. The students will have to look at the online platform of the course ( periodically, and always before the face-to-face sessions, since many of the materials used in the classes will be uploaded to that platform in advance. Besides, it is the students' responsibility to be aware of the dates of the exams. These dates will be announced on the online platform. 3. To be able to follow the subject, students should have at least a level C1 of English. The students that do not have the recommended level will have to look for training (EOI, Language Centre, bibliographic materials, etc.). 4. The studnets in exchange programmes with foreign universities enrolling in this course have to take into account that the materials are headed to the preparation of the Cambridge Proficiency Exam and other similar degrees of Level C (C1-C2). 5. The studnets must bear in mind the copyright of the materials and books used as well as that of the original materials elaborated and provided by the lecturers in the classroom or through the online platform. Copy and/or plagiarism in any oral/written piece or examin will be marked as a 0 . Alleged ignorance of what plagiarism is will not exempt to the/the student of his/her responsibility in this regard. 6. During classes, the students will not use mobile devices or computers, unless the lecturers allow or require the use of these devices for some pedagogical purpose. The use of dictionaries, computers or other electronic devices, with or without connection to Internet, will not be allowed during the exams. 7. The evaluation will take into account no only the quality of the content of the answers but also its linguistic accuracy.
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