Educational guide 2023_24
Facultade de Ciencias Xurídicas e do Traballo
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 Training and Learning Results

Choose A Code Training and Learning Results
  A1 Possess and comprise knowledges that contribute a base or opportunity to be original in the development and/or application of ideas, often in a context of investigation.
  A2 That the students know to apply the knowledges purchased and his capacity of resolution of problems in new surroundings or little known inside contexts wider (or multidisciplinary) related with his area of study.
  A3 That the students are able to integrate knowledges and confront to the complexity to formulate trials from an information that, being incomplete or limited, include reflections on the social and ethical responsibilities linked to the application of his knowledges and trials.
  A4 That the students know to communicate his conclusions, and the knowledges and reasons last that the support, to skilled publics and no specialised of a clear way and without ambiguities.
  A5 That the students possess the skills of learning that allow them continue studying of a way that will have to be to a large extent self-directed or autonomous.
Choose B Code Knowledge
  B1 Capacity to learn of autonomous form
  B2 Capacity to resolve problems of effective form
  B3 Capacity to argue and refuter ideas, applying a critical and logical thought
  B4 Capacity to work of autonomous form with initiative
  B5 Capacity to work in team and coordinate groups of work
  B6 Comport of ethical form and social responsibility like citizen and like professional
Choose C Code Skill
  C1 Possess, comprise and develop skills that make possible to apply the academic knowledges
  C2 Know the technicians headed to the ascertainment and establishment of the facts in the distinct types of procedure, especially the production of documents, the interrogations and the Expert evidence.
  C3 Know and be able to integrate the defence of the rights of the customers in the frame of the systems of jurisdictional protection national and international.
  C4 Know the different technical of composition of interests and know find solutions to problems by means of alternative methods to the jurisdictional route.
  C5 Know and know apply the rights and professional deontological duties in the relations of the lawyer with the customer, the others parts, the court or public authority and between lawyers.
  C6 Know and evaluate the distinct responsibilities linked to the exercise of the professional activity, including the basic operation of the free juridical assistance and the promotion of the social responsibility of the lawyer.
  C7 Know identify conflicts of interests and know the technicians for his resolution, establish the scope of the professional secret and of the confidentiality, and preserve the independence of criterion.
  C8 Know identify the requests of provision and organisation determinants for legal advice
  C9 Know and know apply in the practice the organisational surroundings, of management and commercial of the profession of lawyer, as well as his Legal, associative, fiscal labour framework and of personal data protection.
  C10 Develop skills and skills for the election of the correct strategy for the defence of the rights of the customers taking into account the requirements of the distinct fields of the professional practice.
  C11 Know develop skills that allow to the lawyer improve the efficiency of his work and improve the global operation of the team or institution in that it develops it by means of the access to sources of information, the knowledge of languages, the management of the knowledge and the handle of technicians and tools applied.
  C12 Know, know organise and schedule the individual resources and available communities for the exercise in his distinct organisational modalities of the profession of lawyer.
  C13 Know expose of oral and written form facts, and extract argumentatively juridical consequences, in attention to the context and to the addressee to the that go directed, of agreement in his case with the own of each procedural area.
  C14 Know develop professional works in specific teams and interdisciplinary.
  C15 Know develop skills and interpersonal skills, that facilitate the exercise of the profession of lawyer in his relations with the citizens, with other professionals and with the institutions.
Choose D Code Competences
  D1 Capacity of synthesis and analysis.
  D2 Capacity of management of the information
  D3 Capacity to organise and schedule.
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