Guia docente 2021_22
Escola de Enxeñaría Forestal
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  Basics of business economics
Topic Sub-topic
1.- COMPANY LIKE A COMPLEX SYSTEM 1.1. The system company: components.
1.2. Aims and functions of each component
2.- THE SURROUNDINGS OF THE COMPANY. 2.1. The general surroundings
2.2. The specific surroundings
2.3. Study of the forest-wood surrounding
3.- DIAGNOSTIC And BUSINESS STRATEGY. 3.1 Business strategy
3.2. Diagnostic: global, functional and SWOT
3.3. Strategic design
4.- THE HUMAN FACTOR IN THE COMPANY. 4.1. Business culture
4.2. Leadership
4.3. The power in the organisations
4.4. Human resource management
5.- ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE IN THE COMPANY 5.1. Organisational structure
5.2. Parameters of design of the structure
5.3. The organisation chart
5.4. Typology of structural groups
5.5. New structural forms
6.- INTRODUCTION TO MARKETING 6.1. Marketing: basic concepts and decisions of marketing.
6.2. Markets investigation.
6.3. Segmentation and product positioning
6.4. Marketing decisions
7.- ECONOMIC APPEARANCES-FINANCIAL OF THE COMPANY 7.1. The investment concepts and types
7.2. The finance: concepts and types
7.3. The countable reflection of the economic facts: the balance and the account of losses and gains
7.4. Economic indicators-financial: the tree of profitability and the deadlock
8.- INTRODUCTION PRODUCTION AND LOGISTIC 8.1. Basic concepts of the system of production and logistical.
8.2. Objective of the function of production
8.3. Types of productive systems
8.4. Production plan
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