Educational guide 2023_24
Facultade de Ciencias Empresariais e Turismo
Grado en Administración y Dirección de Empresas
  Operations management
   Training and Learning Results
Code Description
B1 Ability to analyse and synthesise
B2 Critical and self-critical thinking
B10 Issue assessment reports on specific situations regarding companies and markets
B11 Design global management projects or projects related to the functional areas within a company
B13 Capacity for learning and independent work
B14 Capacity to apply the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired in a specialised academic context
C6 Acquire and understand knowledge regarding: The different processes, procedures and practices related to business management
C12 Solve problems effectively and make decisions using the appropriate quantitative and qualitative methods, including the identification, expression and solution of business problems
D5 Motivation for quality and continuous improvement
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