Educational guide 2020_21
Facultade de Historia
Máster Universitario en Valoración, xestión e protección do patrimonio cultural
  Técnicas non destructivas para a avaliación do patrimonio cultural inmoble

Subjects that continue the syllabus
Introdución á avaliación estructural de construcións patrimoniais/O02M143V03217

Subjects that it is recommended to have taken before
Introducción á topografía e produción cartográfica/O02M143V03111
2D and 3D Cartographic Documentation Techniques for Cultural Heritage/O02M143V03109
Prospecting Techniques for Surface Subsoil/O02M143V03110
CAD Techniques to Present Heritage/O02M143V03107
Other comments
The teaching of the matter carries out using the educational platform Moodle and, of face-to-face way, participating in the educational activities through videoconference or through tools of remote connection (as it Adobe Connect). To be able to receive the teaching of effective way, recommends , previously to the start of the matter, consult the manual of access to the platform and follow the technical specifications to be able to assist to the remote sessions. This information is available in the common space of the Master. It is indispensable that the student access to the educational platform of the matter previously to the start of the same. In general, for the practices will employ free software or free versions (demo) of commercial software for operating system Windows 7.
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