Guia docente 2023_24
Facultade de Historia
Grado en Geografía e Historia
  Contemporary history of Spain
   Training and Learning Results
Code Description
A1 Students will have shown they have sufficient knowledge and understanding of an area of study, starting after completion of general secondary education, and normally reaching a level of proficiency that, being mostly based on advanced textbooks, will also include familiarity with some cutting-edge developments within the relevant field of study.
A4 Students will be able to present information, ideas, problems and solutions both to specialist and non-specialist audiences.
B3 To acquire the skills that are necessary to register, analyze and interpret relevant geographical and historical data.
C12 Critical awareness of the relationship between current events and processes and those from the past.
C13 Awareness of and respect for points of view arising in different cultural/national backgrounds.
C16 In-depth knowledge of one or more specific periods of the past history of humanity.
C19 Knowledge of the history of one’s own nation.
D4 Oral and written communication skills in one’s own language.
D9 Teamwork in different contexts.
D11 Independent-learning skills.
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