Guia docente 2021_22
Facultade de Ciencias
Grado en Ciencias Ambientales
  Climate change
Code Description
CB3 Students will be able to gather and interpret relevant data (normally within their field of study) that will allow them to have a reflection-based considered opinion on important issues of social, scientific and ethical nature.
CB4 Students will be able to present information, ideas, problems and solutions both to specialist and non-specialist audiences.
CG1 Students will acquire analysis, synthesis and information-management skills to be applied in the food and agriculture and environmental sectors
CG2 Students will acquire and apply teamwork abilities and skills.
CE3 To be familiar with the temporal and spatial dimensions of environmental processes.
CE10 To be familiar with concepts linked with climate and global change.
CE22 To be familiar with the fundamentals of weather forecasting and the analysis of climate phenomena.
CT1 Capacity of analysis, organization and planning.
CT3 COral and written communication in the native language and foreign
CT4 Ability of autonomous learning and information management.
CT5 Ability of problem solving and decision making
CT9 Team of interdisciplinary nature
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