Educational guide 2015_16
Escola de Enxeñaría Industrial
Grao en Enxeñaría Mecánica
  Automobiles and Railways
Code Description Typology
CG3 CG3 Knowledge in basic and technological subjects that will enable students to learn new methods and theories, and provide them the versatility to adapt to new situations.
    CG4 CG4 Ability to solve problems with initiative, decision making, creativity, critical thinking and the ability to communicate and transmit knowledge and skills in the field of industrial engineering in Mechanical specialty.
      CE13 CE13 Knowledge of the principles of the theory of machines and mechanisms.
        CE20 CE20 Knowledge and abilities to calculate, design and test machines.
          CT3 CT3 Oral and written proficiency in the own language.
            CT6 CT6 Application of computer science in the field of study.
              CT10 CT10 Self learning and work.
                CT16 CT16 Critical thinking.
                  CT17 CT17 Working as a team.
                    CT20 CT20 Ability to communicate with people not expert in the field.
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