Educational guide 2019_20
Escola de Enxeñería Industrial
Degree in Mechanical Engineering
  Methodology for the preparation, presentation and management of technical projects
Topic Sub-topic
1. Types of usual documents in the distinct fields of the professional engineering activities. 1.1. Technical documents: Characteristics and components.
1.2. Types of technical documents according to their contents.
1.3. Types of technical documents according to their recipients and objectives.
2. Methodology for writing and presenting technical documentation: assessments, valuations, expert reports, studies, reports, dossiers and other similar technical works. 2.1. General aspects in elaborating and presenting technical documentation.
2.2. Elaboration of technical reports.
2.3. Elaboration of technical studies.
2.4. Elaboration of assessments, expert reports and valuations.
2.5. Elaboration of dossiers and other technical works.
2.6. Technical work in concurrent and/or collaborative engineering environments.
3. Techniques for research, analysis, evaluation and selection of technological information. 3.1. Typology of technological information.
3.2. Sources of technological information.
3.3. Information and communications systems.
3.4. Techniques for information research.
3.5. Methods for analyzing information.
3.6. Evaluation and selection of information.
4. Laws and regulations about documentation. 4.1. Applicable laws to technical documentation according to its specific field.
4.2. Other applicable regulations.
5. Processing of technical documentation. 5.1. Processing at Government Offices of technical documentation.
5.2. Legitimization and responsabilities in the processing of documentation before Government's Offices.
5.3. Processing of documentation: Concepts, procedures and specifics.
6. Presentation and verbal defence of technical documents.
6.1. Regulations in the elaboration of technical presentations.
6.2. Preparation for the verbal defence of technical documents.
6.3. Techniques and specific tools for the performance of public presentations.
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