Educational guide 2019_20
Escola de Enxeñería Industrial
Degree in Mechanical Engineering
  Graphic engineering
  Description Qualification Evaluated Competencess
Lecturing At the consideration of the lecturer, a number of control tests will be realised -at least a partial test placed about the middle of the course-, in the date previously fixed. The passing of that test will allow the student to remove its contents from the final exam. The final exam, having two independent parts, will be taken by all the students not following the ordinary continuous assessment way. All students must take the second part of such exam, and they can opt for re-take for passing or improving the grades from its first part. 60 CE19
Problem solving The practical activities to be realised will correspond to those indicated in the 'Practical Contents' section, and will be posed to be developed, solved and delivered to the lecturer in the due date indicated for each specific case. Every activity presented will be evaluated in accordance with the criteria previously indicated for it, and will be given back to the students promptly so that the learning coming from such revision can be incorporated to the following practical activities. The calendar for the execution and presentation of the practical activities will be made known at the start of the course. 40 (up to 40) CG1
Other comments on the Evaluation

The course can be passed by continuous evaluation after reaching 5.00 points in each one of the the course parts.

All students are requested to attend the final exam, on the date indicated by the School, at least to perform the assessment of the second part of the course. Students will be allowed to re-take the exam of the first part of the course, aiming either to pass it -if they didn't attend or failed the partial exam- or to improve their grade on it. If there are parts failed after the evaluation process, students will be examined from those parts in the final exam, both theory and practice areas, except in those cases that the lecturer considers the possibility of overcoming them by performing some additional or complementary work. The passed parts will be honored regarding the second evaluation call.

Students who renounce the continuous assessment modality are requested to attend the final exam, where the full contents of the course will be assessed. The maximum grade will be 10 points over 10. In this case, the examination of the theoretical part of the contents will be carried out on the date set for it by the School, while the practical part might be carried out at a different time and day.

The student is expected to exhibit adequate ethical behavior. In the case of detecting unethical behavior (copying, plagiarism, use of unauthorized electronic devices, and others) it will be considered that the student does not meet the necessary requirements to pass the subject. In this case, the overall grade in the current academic year will be failed (0.0). The use of any electronic device during the evaluation tests will not be allowed unless expressly authorized.

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