Educational guide 2015_16
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  Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
Methodologies   ::  Teaching methodology guide
Master Session Lecturer’s introduction of the contents of the matter object of study
Laboratory practises Real processes experimentations in the laboratory which complement the contents covered in the course.
PRACTICAL CONTENTS (at least 4 of the 6 following laboratory practices will be done):
1) Application of the First Law of Thermodynamics: experimental determination of isothermal and adiabatic processes.
2) Evaluating thermodynamic properties of pure substances by means of computer software.
3) Experimental study of a vapor cycle.
4) Experimental study of a vapor compression refrigeration cycle and heat pump cycle.
5) Experimental determination of thermal conductivity.
6) Evaluating heat transfer by radiation: the Stefan-Boltzmann law.
Troubleshooting and / or exercises Resolution of problems and/or exercises related with the course that the student will carry out in the classroom and/or laboratory. Examples of direct application of the contents studied as well as practical examples will be solved. The methodology will be focused on explaining how to solve the problems rather than on the determining the final numerical solution.
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