Educational guide 2019_20
Escola de Enxeñería Industrial
Degree in Industrial Technologies Engineering
  Fluid mechanics
  Description Qualification Evaluated Competencess
Problem solving Resolutions of practical problems related with the contained imparted in one specific topic of theory 8 CG4
Mentored work Works of application and demonstration of basic principles of fluid mechanics 2 CG4
Essay questions exam Proof written that it will be able to consist of:
theoretical questions
practical questions
resolution of exercises/problems
fear to develop
80 CG4
Laboratory practice Practical realization in Laboratory. Report of the activities realized in the sessions of laboratory, results of the experimentation, etc.
5 CG4
Objective questions exam Short written proofs, that can be of practical questions of laboratory or of conteptos of theor 5 CG4
Other comments on the Evaluation

Continuous evaluation: it represents 20% of the note. Except official indication from the center direction of the renunciation of the student to the continuous evaluation, the student follows the course in this modality.

evaluation is considered until July, so the qualifications achieved in all the
activities previously carried out are kept until the July Final Exam. The exact
percentages may deviate slightly from those indicated due to the management, or
feasibility of carrying out the different practical tests, and attributing to
the complementary activity (work and projects) a higher qualification and, may
even exceed 10 as the maximum qualification achievable.

In any
case, the weight of 80% of the long answer test will remain unchanged.

The student
is expected to exhibit adequate ethical behaviour. In case of noticing a
non-ethical behaviour (copy, plagiarism, utilisation of unauthorised electronic
devices, and others) it will be considered that the student does not gather the
necessary requirements to pass the course. In this case, the global
qualification of the present academic course will be failed (0.0). The use of
any electronic device during the evaluation tests will not be allowed unless
expressly authorized. The fact of introducing an electronic device not
authorized in the exam room will be considered a reason for not passing the
subject in this present academic course and the global qualification will be failed

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