Educational guide 2015_16
Escola de Enxeñaría Industrial
Grao en Enxeñaría en Tecnoloxías Industriais
  Fundamentals of Engineering Graphics
  Description Qualification Training and Learning Results
Long answer tests and development It will realise a final examination that will cover the whole of the contents of the subject, so many theorists like practical, and that they will be able to include test type test, questions of reasoning, resolution of problems and development of practical cases. It demands reach a minimum qualification of 4,0 points on 10 possible to be able to surpass the subject. 65 B3
Practical tests, real task execution and / or simulated. Along the triannual, in determinate sessions of resolution of problems and exercises will pose problems or exercises for his resolution by the students and back delivery to the professor, that will evaluate them in accordance with the criteria that previously will have communicated to the students. 35 B4
Other comments on the Evaluation

 In second announcement will realise to the student a theoretical
proof-practical to evaluate his degree of acquisition of competitions,
of analogous characteristics to the final examination, in which to surpass the
*asignatura will be necessary to reach a minimum qualification of 5,0 points
on 10 possible. 

Ethical commitment: It is expected an adequate ethical behaviour of the student. In case of detecting unethical behaviour(copying, plagiarism, unauthorized use of electronic devices, etc.) shall be deemed that the student does not meet the requirements for passing the subject. In this case, the overall rating in the current academic year will be Fail (0.0).

Responsible professors of groups:

Group To: Javier *Corralo *Domonte.

Group *B: Carlos *Troncoso *Saracho.

Group C: Antonio Fernández Álvarez.

Group D: Carlos *Troncoso *Saracho.

Group And: Javier *Corralo *Domonte.

Group *F: Paulino Cheerful *Fidalgo.

Group G: Ernesto *Roa Farmyard.

Group *H: Esteban López *Figueroa.

Group I:  Faustino *Patiño *Barbeito.

Group *J: Ernesto *Roa Farmyard.

Group *K: Manuel Adán Gómez.

Group L: Faustino *Patiño *Barbeito.


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