Guia docente 2020_21
Escola de Enxeñaría Industrial
Degree in Industrial Organisation Engineering
  Materials science and technology
   Contingency plan
Given the uncertain and unpredictable evolution of the health alert caused by COVID-19, the University of Vigo establishes an extraordinary planning that will be activated when the administrations and the institution itself determine it, considering safety, health and responsibility criteria both in distance and blended learning. These already planned measures guarantee, at the required time, the development of teaching in a more agile and effective way, as it is known in advance (or well in advance) by the students and teachers through the standardized tool.

* Teaching methodologies maintained
All the lecture-based sessions will be maintained, moving them totally or partially to an online version, through the Online Campus (Campus Remoto) of the UVigo.
* Teaching methodologies modified
Laboratory sessions will be modified to adapt the group size to that set by the University or the EEI as safe. Sessions will be organized to ensure the safety distance. All the activities that can be performed in non face-to-face mode will be deployed on online platforms.
* Non-face-to-face student attention (tutoring)
Non-face-to-face tutorial services will be held through the virtual offices on the Online Campus, although the attention of the students may be carried out also by other ways (email, videoconference, FAITIC forums, ...), always after previous agreement with the teacher.
* Modifications (if applicable) of the contents of the course
According to the moment when the University decision of starting non-face-to face or mix teaching is made, some reduction of the lab contents will need to be done, following the defined organization. Students will be informed of the changes through FAITIC platform.
* Additional bibliography to facilitate self-learning
If student access to academic libraries is limited, additional documentation will be provided.

* Other modifications


* Tests already carried out
The marks obtained in the continuous assessment tests already performed will maintain their weight in the final grade without changes, as defined in the teaching guide.

* Pending tests that are maintained
- Those continuous assessment tests or exams that have not yet been done will also maintain their contribution in the final grade, as defined in the teaching guide. Exams will be held face-to-face if possible and will be adapted to take place fully online, if the applied contingency measures make it necessary.
* Tests that are modified
- Final exam: The final exam weight (70% of the course grade) can be modified depending on the date when the non face-to-face teaching is stablished. It can be reduced to a minimum contribution of 40% of the course grade.
- Students will be informed through Faitic of the change in the reweighting of the final exam, as well as the new tests that will be proposed to increase the weight of the continuous assessment.
- The final exam will be held face-to-face if possible but, if not, it will be adapted to be performed online.
* New tests
- In case of reducing the weight of the final exam mark in the course grade, new online tests and/or exercises will be proposed covering different items of the course syllabus and performed online using FAITIC platform. The sum of the marks for the new tests and the final exam will contribute 70% to the course grade.
- Students will receive sufficient information in advance of the new tests and the grading procedure through FAITIC platform.
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