Guia docente 2020_21
Facultade de Química
Grao en Química
  Biological chemistry
Topic Sub-topic
1.Biomolecules Structure and structure-function relationship of biomolecules: proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and nucleic acids.
2.Biocatalisis Structure and function of enzymes.
Enzymatic reactions.
Enzymatic kinetics.
3.Vitamins and coenzymes Structure and function of vitamins and coenzymes in metabolic reactions.
4.Metabolism of glucides Degradative Metabolism of glucides: glycolysis.
Metabolic crossroad of pyruvate. Degradative Oxidation of acetil-CoA.
Respiratory chain and oxidative phosphorylation. Oxidative Route of the pentoses phosphate. Gluconeogénesis. Metabolism of glycogen.
5. Metabolism of lipids Degradation of lipids: oxidation of fatty acids.
Biosynthesis of fatty acids.
6. Metabolism of proteins Proteolisis.
Degradation of amino acids.
Destination of the ion ammonium.
Biosynthesis of amino acids.
7.Metabolism of nucleotides Degradation of nucleic acids and nucleotides.
Biosynthesis of nucleotides.
8.Experimental methods in Biochemistry Techniques for synthesis and isolation of biomolecules.
Separation, determination and identification of proteins.
Determination and quantification of lipids.
Determination and quantification of glycogen.
Evaluation of the enzymatic activity. Effect of the temperature and inhibition.
Polymerase chain reaction.
Use of restriction enzymes.
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