Guia docente 2017_18
Facultade de Química
Grao en Química
  Physics: Physics I
Methodologies   ::  Teaching methodology guide
Seminars a) Exercises and problems will be solved, by the students or the teacher. Problems sheets will be available with sufficient anticipation.
b) Doubts and difficult concepts will be discussed and clarified by group tutoring.
c) Diverse tasks that students have to carry out will be programmed.
d) Diverse tasks that students have to carry out will be tested.
Master Session The student can find information on lectures at the web platform Thema.

a) In each topic the specific objectives will be analyzed. Its need and the possible applications will be indicated.
b) The way to get objectives will be indicated. Emphasis will be made on those aspects that are more problematic and difficult. Different examples will be solved.
c) In necessary case, it would be proposed some bibliographic references.
Presentations / exhibitions The students will work in group. They will solve and they will debate problems, questions, summaries of readings, etc. that they will present or will explain to their classmates.
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