Educational guide 2017_18
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  Physics: Physics I
Topic Sub-topic
1. DESCRIPTION OF THE PHYSICAL REALITY Introduction - Physical magnitudes and units - Dimensional analysis – Errors.
2. KINEMATICS OF THE POINT AND RIGID BODY Material point - Vector position, velocity and acceleration - Tangent and normal components of the acceleration - Study of some movements: rectilinear and plane - Rigid body.
3. PRINCIPLES OF THE DYNAMICS Concept of force - Newton Law’s - Newton´s theory of gravitation.
4. DYNAMICS OF THE PARTICLE Equations of motion - Momentum and angular momentum - Radial Forces: Conservation of the angular momentum - Work and power - Kinetic Energy - Conservation of the mechanical energy - Non conservative forces. The conservation of energy. - Energy diagrams.
5. OSCILLATING MOTION Simple harmonic Motion: Kinematics, Dynamics and Energy.
6. DYNAMICS OF SYSTEMS OF PARTICLES Internal and external forces - Equation of motion for the center of mass - Work of external and internal forces – Collisions.
7. THE RIGID BODY Rigid Body: Rotational motion: Moment of inertia, angular momentum, Kinetic Energy.
8. FLUIDS Pressure and density. Pressure in a fluid at rest. Measurement of pressure – Surface Tension– Capillarity. Jurin´s Law – Tate´s Law.
9. INTRODUCTION TO THE THERMODYNAMICS. THERMOMETRY Macroscopic and microscopic description - Thermal equilibrium - Zero´th law of Thermodynamics. Temperature – Measure of temperature. Thermometers - Ideal Gas. Ideal gas temperature scale.
10. HEAT AND WORK Thermodynamic Equilibrium. Equations of state. Quasiestatic Processes - Thermodynamic work - Heat capacity and specific heat. Latent heat.
11. THE FIRST LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS The First Law of Thermodynamics - Internal Energy, enthalpy and heat capacities of the ideal gases. Mayer´s Law -Adiabatic changes of an ideal gas.
12. THE SECOND LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS Introduction - Second Law: Clausius and Kelvin-Planck Statements - Cycle of Carnot. Theorem of Carnot- Thermodynamic Scale of Temperatures - Inequality of Clausius- Entropy.
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