Guia docente 2023_24
Facultade de Ciencias do Mar
Máster Universitario en Oceanografía
  Master's Degree Dissertation
Topic Sub-topic
The student will be able to make the Work End of Máster in the following big areas: - Biological oceanography
- Physical Oceanography
- Chemical Oceanography
- Geological Oceanography
- Other disciplines related with the half marine and that are inside the contents given in the máster.
The lines of investigation or thematic fields offered are the following: - Marine geology
- Coastal Geology
- Carbon dioxide, global Change and temporary series
- chemical Processes of metals traces with ligandos organic.
- Global changes in the oceanographic chemistry and biogeochemical cycles.
- Ecology and physiology planctónica.
- Oceanography Pesquera
- Effects of global changes in the biological oceanography.
- Global changes in the circulation to wide, meso- and sub-meso scale.
- Fronts, twists and systems of afloramentos.
- Hydrodynamic modelling.
- Biology larvaria of marine invertebrates.
- Effects of physical processes and chemists in the cycles bioxeoquímicos and answer of the biological communities.
- Analysis sedimentario,micropaleontolóxico and isotopic of oceanic polls.
- Ecology bentónica.
- Analysis of oceanographic temporary series.
- Resulted of oceanographic Campaigns.
- Marine geochemistry.
- Ways of climatic variability.
- Interaction ocean-atmosphere.
- Modelling of the ocean.
- Climatic change in the ocean.
- Energy in half marine (aeolian, maremotriz, currents).
- Identification in analysis of registers paleoclimáticos.
- Dynamic of gases invernadero in the coastal systems.
- Diagénesis Of the organic matter and flows bentónicos.
- Influence of the activity antrópica on the biogeochemical processes in the coastal systems.
- Recent tectonic activity in coastal zones.
- Stratigraphy of coastal zones and his relation with the changes of the level of the mar.
- Geomorfología of continental margins.
- Biological oceanography: Biology and Ecology of the Plankton.
- Ecophysiology of macroalgas and ficología applied.
- Microbial and biogeochemical ecology of the interfase waters-sediment.
- Hydrodynamic modelling in coastal zones.
- Operational oceanography in coastal zones.
- Applications of the teledetection to the coastal oceanography.

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