Guia docente 2021_22
Facultade de Ciencias do Mar
Máster Universitario en Oceanografía
  Climate Models
Methodologies   ::  Teaching methodology guide
Lecturing The teacher explains the theoretical concepts of the different subjects of the course using powerpoint.
Problem solving Seminars in which the student solve practical cases supervised by the teacher. They are activities developed to improve the significant construction of the knowledge through the interaction between students. The aim of the teacher is to present the aims, to orient students and to realize the follow-up of the procedure to carry out the practical activity.
Presentation Individual or group oral sesion of a subject from the course. The teacher presents
the aims, orients and supervises the oral presentation.
Seminars Significant construction of the knowledge through the interaction between the teacher and the student by means of sessions of personalized supervision or in group very reduced, where the teacher orients and resolves doubts.
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