Guia docente 2024_25
Facultade de Ciencias do Mar
Máster Universitario en Oceanografía
  Chemical Reactions in the Ocean
Topic Sub-topic
Approximations used in the biogeochecmical models. Environmental compartments.
Main flows between the environmental compartments.
Equilibrium and kinetical models.
Models and parametrizations used to characterise the exchange of gases through the interphase waters-atmosphere. Dissolution of gases in the atmosphere.
I exchange atmosphere ocean.
Structural appearances of the solubility in gases.
Reactivity of the elements in the superficial waters, transport of the particulate material and segregation in the deep ocean. Properties of the superficial waters.
Introduction to the 1D models with advention + diffusion + reaction through the column of sediments.
Biogeochemical cyles in the ocean. Utilisation of the models PHREEQC for the modelling of biogeochemical cycles.
Training, dissolution and preservation of calcium carbonate and opal.
Vertical transport of organic matter and remineralization. Dissolved and particulate organic matter in the ocean.
Sources of organic matter.
Importance of the cycles of the C, O, N and P.
Reactivity and biogeochemical cycles of metals in the ocean Processes related with the complexation of metals.
Chemical speciation under the influence of future changes.
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