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  Biology: Biology I
Subject Guide
Subject Biology: Biology I Code V10G061V01101
Study programme
Grado en Ciencias del Mar
Descriptors Total Cr. Choose Year Quadmester
6 Basic education 1st 1st
Teaching language
Pasantes Ludeña, Juan José
Miguel Villegas, Encarnación de
Pasantes Ludeña, Juan José
General description Biology I is one of the mandatory subjects in the first semester of the first year of the Degree in Marine Sciences. The basic biological principles of cell biology and genetics are studied, mainly:
1) cell and tissue organisation.
2) development and cell differentiation.
3) transmission and characterization of herditary material.
4) basic aspects of evolution and the origin of species.

Theoretical and practical lessons are employed in the teaching program in order the students be familiar with
1) microscopic identification
2) the solving of practical problems in genetics and cell biology.

English Friendly subject: International students may request from the teachers: a) materials and bibliographic references in English, b) tutoring sessions in English, c) exams and assessments in English.
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