Guia docente 2021_22
Facultade de Ciencias do Mar
Grado en Ciencias del Mar
  Biology: Biology I
   Learning outcomes
Learning outcomes Competences
1. Define, look for, organize and elaborate works with information of the subject 2. Cooperatively workout exercise resolution 3. Use of telematic tools and other sources for autonomous learning CELL BIOLOGY 4. Recognize the diversity and organisation of cells and tissues 5. Establish relations between cell compartments and cell functions 6. Differentiate clearly vegetal and animal cell organisation 7. Establish relationships between cell organisation and cell function 8. Recognize the types of microscopes associated to the study of cells and tissues. 9. Morphological identification of the cells and their components. GENETICS 10. Importance of DNA in biology 11. Apply the scientific method and basic research technologies in Genetics 12. Learn how to establish genetic hypotheses and strategies to refute them 13. Manage the basic mechanisms for the transmission of the hereditary material 14. Know the molecular structurer, the regulation and the expression of the hereditary material 15. Know the basic genomic principles and their biotechnological applications. 16. Know the origin of the biological diversity and the evolutionary history of the species CG1
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