Guia docente 2022_23
Escuela de Ingeniería de Telecomunicación
Máster Universitario en Ciberseguridade
  Fortificación de sistemas operativos
Guía Materia
Materia Fortificación de sistemas operativos Código V05M175V01202
Máster Universitario en Ciberseguridade
Descriptores Cr.totais Carácter Curso Cuadrimestre
5 OB 1 1c
Lingua impartición
Blanco Fernández, Yolanda
Blanco Fernández, Yolanda
Yáñez Izquierdo, Antonio Fermín
Descrición xeral A newly installed Operating system is inherently insecure. It has a certain number of vulnerabilities, depending on such things such as the age of the O.S., the amount of services it provides, the existence of initial backdoors not already patched, and the use of default policies designed without security in mind By Hardening Operating Systems we refer to the act of configuring an operating system with the aim of making it as secure as possible, so thet we minimize the risk of getting it compromised. This usually implies applying patches, changing default O.S. policies, and removing (or disabling) non-essential aplications and/or services. In this course we'll try to identify common O.S. vulnerabilities and how to defend the O.S. against them. Both UNIX (linux) and Windows type O.S. will be considered.
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