Guia docente 2020_21
Escola de Enxeñaría de Telecomunicación
Telecommunication Engineering
  Signal Conditioners
  Description Qualification Evaluated Competencess
Laboratory practice Execution practices of real or simulated tasks. These are tests in which the performance of the students will be evaluated on the basis of the knowledge shown, the behavior, organization and planning during the practice, reflection on the results obtained, etc. 20 CG1
Essay It is a text prepared on a topic and should be written following established rules. 10 CG1
Essay questions exam Tests that include open questions about a topic. Students must develop, relate, organize and present the knowledge they have about the subject in an extensive response. 20 CG1
Problem and/or exercise solving Test in which the student must solve a series of problems and / or exercises in a time / conditions established by the teacher. In this way, students must apply the knowledge acquired. 25 CG1
Report of practices, practicum and external practices Preparation of a report by the student in which the characteristics of the work carried out are reflected. 15 CG1
Systematic observation Attentive, rational, planned and systematic perception to describe and record the manifestations of student behavior. 10 CG8
Other comments on the Evaluation

1. First call: Continuous assessment

continuous evaluation consists of the following four parts:

    1.-Laboratory (35%), which is divided into:

        Development of laboratory practices:
Monitoring (10%) plus the practical test (10%).

        Report of laboratory practices

    2.-Theory exams (45%), which is divided in an
orientation way in:

        Development questions (20%).

        Problems (25%).

    3.-Tutored work (10%), in which the
results will be presented in a report of the C group.

observation (10%). In addition to the aspects mentioned in the description, the
participation of the student in carrying out the activities proposed for their
autonomous work and the use of personalized attention in the office hours of
the teacher will be taken into account.

The final
grade, which is scored on a maximum of 10 points, is the sum of the mark of
each part if the following conditions are met:

    1.-Have carried out a minimum of the 80% of the
laboratory practices.

    2.-Obtain a minimum mark of the 40% in each part
of the assessment.

If it does
not fulfill any of the previous requirements, the final mark will be the sum of
the marks of each part, but limited to the 40% of the maximum note (4 points). Students
who do not reach a minimum score of 40% in the laboratory evaluation, exams and
supervised work in the continuous assessment may recover them in the second
opportunity tests while maintaining the percentages of the continuous

To pass,
the students have to obtain an equal total mark or upper to the 50% of the maximum
mark (5 points).

practical test will take place near of the last session of laboratory classes.
The development questions and problems will can be divided in two sessions
spread along the period of teaching.

2. First call: Final exam

who fail the course in continuous assessment (have not performed, at least, 80%
of the practices) can will take a final exam.

The final
exam will consist of a practical and a theoretical test, each corresponding to
50% of the total mark. To pass the student must obtain at least the 40% in each
part and must sum a total of at least 5 points.

students of continuous evaluation that have pending to surpass the minimum of
some part will be able to do it in the final examination. If they did not reach
the minimum in the supervised work, they will have a deadline to present the
proposed improvements until the final exam.

3. Second call

In the second call the assessment will be like the final exam of the
first call.

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