Guia docente 2020_21
Escola de Enxeñaría de Telecomunicación
Degree in Telecommunications Technologies Engineering - Teaching in English
  Business: Company Fundamentals
  Description Qualification Evaluated Competencess
Objective questions exam Tests that will be carried out throughout the course, both in theory classes and practices, distributed in a uniform and scheduled way so that they do not interfere in the rest of the subjects 40 CG4
Essay questions exam Final test that may contain partially or totally the contents of the subject developed in theory and practical classes.
60 CG4
Other comments on the Evaluation

the guidelines established in the degree, two evaluation systems will be
offered: continuous assessment (with two options) and one unique evaluation
exam at the end of the semester. In any of the two evaluation systems, all the
competences of the subject are evaluated.

1. Continuous assessment

continuous assessment will consist of two intermediate tests developed
throughout the course, and which will be completed with an exam at the end of
the semester. The dates to take the two intermediate tests will be
planned by the Academic Committee of Degree and will be available at the
beginning of the semester. These tests do not release material, but each one of
them will deal with the contents studied up to the time of the test, both in
theory classes and practices, which is why the last test will be given a
greater weight in the calculation of the qualification with respect to the
previous one, so that the first test weighs 40%, and the second test 60%.

 If the students have passed the last intermediate test , and
obtained a weighted average with a grade of 5, they will be exempt from taking
the exam at the end of the semester. The grade obtained by the student in this
case will be the weighted average grade of the two tests.

who do not pass the subject through the two intermediate tests, will have to
complete the continuous assessment by taking an exam at the end of the semester
that will consist of a test that will represent 60% of the grade that will be
added to the grade obtained in the continuous evaluation (40% of the weighted
average of the intermediate tests).

These tests
are not recoverable, that is, if a student does not perform them on the
stipulated day, the professor does not have the duty to repeat them (unless
there is a cause of force majeure). A student will be considered to have opted
for continuous assessment when participating in the second test.

 2. Students who do NO opt by Continuous

For those
students who do not opt for continuous assessment, they will be offered an
evaluation procedure that allows them to obtain the highest grade.

procedure will consist in a final exam that includes the contents developed in
the classes of theory and practical classes.

3. About the second opportunity

The students
must choose, and communicate in writing (one week before the exam), that they
wish to be evaluated again, in its entirety, up to the maximum possible grade
or follow the continuous evaluation procedure stipulated in the subject,
maintaining the grade obtained in the previous assignments .

By default,
the students save the results of the tests carried out in this course.

4. Qualification Of Absent

A student
will be considered absent if, at most, took part in the first assessment test
of continuous evaluation method. In any another case, the students will be considered
as submitted to the assessment and they will receive their corresponding grade.

5. About the extraordinary opportunity at the
end of the academic year

It will
consist of an exam that includes the theoretical and practical contents of the

Important notice

In the case
of detection of copy in any of the tests, the final qualification will be Fail
(0), and the fact will be communicated to the Governing Board of the Faculty.

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