Guia docente 2021_22
Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales
Degree in Economics
  Statistics II
  Description Qualification Evaluated Competencess
Essay questions exam A final exam.
70 CE8
Problem and/or exercise solving Several tests will be conducted throughout the course. The practices at the computer lab will be the 10% of the final grade, the partial proofs will be the 15%, and the active participation in class (resolution of exercises, answering to questions,...) will be the final 5%. 30 CE8
Other comments on the Evaluation

In the
final degree call in October, the exam grade will be 100% of the final score of
the subject.

will have the possibility of not taking some parts of the final exam and so
being evaluated based on the scores they obtained in the midterm exams
according to the following formula: f(p)*n(p)/e(p), being f(p) the value of
part p in  the final exam, e(p) the value of part p in the midterm exam,
and n(p) the grade obtained by the student in part p of the midterm exam. 

to the system of continuous evaluation, the student may choose to be evaluated
with a final exam that will mean 100% of the grade. This will apply to both the
ordinary and the extraordinary call.

The dates
of examinations should be consulted on the website of the faculty:

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