Educational guide 2019_20
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  Genetics II
Methodologies   ::  Teaching methodology guide
Introductory activities The objective is to define and focus the Genetics II subject describing the working method to be followed
Lecturing The master sessions of the program are organized in 50-minute classes. In most cases they will be devoted to explain and develop basic concepts and methodologies, but due to the time constraints students must work autonomously
Problem solving Classes of problems and exercises have as a basic mission to integrate and apply knowledge acquired in the theoretical classes. In an experimental science such as genetics learning using a problem-based approach is an essential didactic resource
Computer practices The aim of the practices in the computer classroom is to obtain an overview of the different contents of the subject. There will be 5 practical sessions of 3 hours each, in which activities will be carried out with the following contents: Mutation: Luria-Delbrück fluctuation experiment. Sequence search by similarity and annotation. Searches in Genome Databases. Genetic drift. Estimates of diversity in a population. Selection and differentiation.
Autonomous practices through ICT One of the competences that the student should achieve throughout their training is the ability to work autonomously. It is necessary to provide non-presential activities to guide them in this learning. The teledocencia platform TEMA will be used.
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