Educational guide 2014_15
Facultade de Filoloxía e Tradución
Grado en Traducción e Interpretación
  Idioma moderno: Idioma 1, I: Inglés
Tema Subtema
I. THE PRONUNCIATION OF ENGLISH 1. The pronunciation of vowels and consonants:
1.1. Phonemes and allophones: The IPA chart
1.2. Sounds and spellings

2. Word stress and sentence stress:
2.1. Strong and weak vowels, syllables and words
2.2. Rhythm and rhymes

3. The accents of English:
3.1. RP, GA
3.2. World Englishes

4. Intonation:
4.1. Statements and questions
4.2. Other intonation patterns

II. LISTENING 1. Strategies:
1.1. Listening for general meaning and for specific information
1.2. Coping with unknown vocabulary
1.3. Coping with different accents

2. Listening practice:
2.1. News programmes
2.2. Interviews
2.3. Academic lectures
2.4. TV and films

III. SPEAKING 1. Speech vs. Writing:
1.1. Characteristics of spoken language
1.2. Register and style

2. Speaking practice:
2.1. Ordinary conversation: making introductions, answering questions, stating an opinion
2.2. Building arguments: using language to describe, compare and contrast, hypothesise and comment upon a topic
2.3. Structuring and delivering academic presentations

IV. VOCABULARY 1. British and American English vocabulary

2. The language of the media:
2.1. Advertising and the mass media
2.2. The language of the written press

3. Academic language:
3.1. From sms to essay
3.2.The language of academic texts

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