Guia docente 2017_18
Escola de Enxeñaría Forestal
Grao en Enxeñaría Forestal
Topic Sub-topic
Module I Planning and implementation of afforestation
Theme 1. Concept and choice of species
Lesson 1.1. Concept of afforestation and commentary
Lesson 1.2. Background and need for afforestation
Lesson 1.3. Objectives of afforestation
Lesson 1.4. Species selection

Topic 2. Methods of re-population
Lesson 2.1. Types of methods
Lesson 2.2. Selection of method

Topic 3. Treatment of pre-existing vegetation
Lesson 3.1. Rationale and objectives
Lesson 3.2. Classification of clearing procedures
Lesson 3.3. Description of the clearing procedures

Topic 4. Soil preparation
Lesson 4.1. Rationale and objectives
Lesson 4.2. Classification of soil preparation procedures
Lesson 4.3. Description of soil preparation procedures
Lesson 4.4. Hydrological aspects of land clearing and soil preparation

Topic 5. Introduction of new species
Lesson 5.1. Density of introduction
Lesson 5.2. Plantings
Lesson 5.3. Plantations

Item 6. Further care of restocking and complementary work
Lesson 6.1. Subsequent care of restocking
Lesson 6.2. Complementary works

Topic 7. Environmental impact of reforestation
Lesson 7.1. Introduction and regulations
Lesson 7.2. Considerations on the environmental impact of forest R.
Lesson 7.3. Affected Factors
Lesson 7.4. Impact assessment
Lesson 7.5. Methodological conclusion
Module II Seeds Topic 8. General information on forest seeds
Lesson 8.1. Harvest
Lesson 8.2. Extraction and cleaning
Lesson 8.3. Storage
Lesson 8.4. Conservation Treatments
Lesson 8.5. Analysis
Lesson 8.6. Germination treatments
Lesson 8.7. Sowing
Module III Nurseries Topic 9. General information on forest nurseries
Lesson 9.1. Definition and classes
Lesson 9.2. Water
Lesson 9.3. Floor
Lesson 9.4. Location, shape and size
Lesson 9.5. Bare root planting
Lesson 9.6. Cultivation of plant in packaging
Lesson 9.7. Staked
Lesson 9.8. Quality of the forest plant
Lesson 9.9. Mycorrhization
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